581117_10151058177607059_1885525292_nMy name is Kelly Jude Melerine. I am a stay at home dad of a seventeen year old autistic boy named Cade. I quit my job in banking two years ago after going through a very rough phase with him. Since then I have become a jack of all trades to pay the bills.   I juggle many tasks in order to keep a flexible schedule to continue my daily focus on my son. My wife Julee still maintains her job as an office manager. Her job provides additional income for the family as well as medical benefits. My son has made tremendous progress with me at home but it is a constant struggle. However, it’s a struggle I will gladly face for him each day.

I decided to set up this blog to tell a story that may hopefully help others in similar situations.  I made the first step a couple weeks ago by establishing the blog.  I just haven’t been very motivated to write anything since that day.  Well it is now 1:26 am April 22, 2015 and Cade has been spitting non-stop for 1 1/2 hours.  In addition to autism Cade suffers from migraines and with his limited verbal capabilities he doesn’t quite know how to say how badly he feels.  I got him to take a bath a few minutes ago.  A bath sometimes helps to comfort him.  Now I am just waiting for the migraine pain reliever to kick in so my buddy can get back to being the giggling happy kid that lights up my eyes.

So why the title “Squeeze the Spaceman’s Taco.”  I am not sure what it means but it’s one of the odd phrases Cade says and then cracks up laughing.  Others include “You don’t drink the cowboy’s orange juice” and “You can’t go in the sewer because you’ll get poo on your moustache.”  Then of course there’s always the random shout out of movie quotes like “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” and “I have had it with these m-f-ing snakes on this m-f-ing plane.”  Of course these are yelled at the most inappropriate times in quiet public settings.  Life with Cade is anything but boring.

He is now saying happy phrases.  This is a sign that the pain has subsided and my giggly buddy is back.  Cade has certain phrases he says when he is feeling bad and others when he is feeling good.  They are just odd phrases that would appear to have no significant meaning.  However, in his world they mean everything.  I hope you enjoy this journey into Cade’s world.  Autism has many sides.  I intend to share them all with you, the good and the bad.  Now off to get him to bed and hopefully we will all get some sleep.