Slap that bitch off the moon

IMG_0954“Cadeisms,” its what I call the wonderful quotes and bits of advice my son shares with me.    A good friend of mine reminded me of another one “Slap that bitch off the moon.”  This came along one day when he was watching a Dreamworks Studios movie.  The Dreamworks logo of a boy sitting on the moon fishing appeared and Cade got up and slapped the television.  When asked why he hit the television he replied “Dreamworks fisher boy.  Slap that bitch off the moon.”  Cade is doing much better than the dreadful night we just experienced.  I can tell he is struggling and I told him “Today we are going to take that headache and slap that bitch off the moon.”  He chuckled and immediately began talking about Aladdin.  Aladdin is one of his all time favorite Disney movies.

One thing my buddy does is compare people to different characters from movies.  He’ll say “Mr Carlos is like Aladdin.”  Carlos tends to get all the ethnic characters.  If introduced to a female he may say “She is pretty like Jasmine or Cinderella.”  I think most women would love to hear that.  He also likes to compare people to super heroes.  Sometime I ask him what superhero I am like.  Silently I am hoping for Superman.  If that happens that makes my day.  Sometime I may get the Joker or Riddler and that cracks me up.  That’s better than cousin Alex who for some reason keeps getting labeled the Penguin.

Cade took the day off of school today to get some rest.  I ran my fitness boot camp class and now I am back home spending the rest of the day with him.  Good news for Cade I called Mr Carlos to come hang out with him.  It’s going to be a good day.  Cade’s dark clouds of last night are breezing by and today the sun is out and the birds are singing.   Remember that when things seem there worst keep your bitch slapping hand strong and slap that bitch off the moon.