Spitting Outburst Round Two

Camera(10)Camera(8) Camera(15)It is now 3:34 am April 22, 2015.  The break from spitting and screaming was short lived.  After a 30 minute period of relief it has started again.  Something tells me this is a reaction to the new migraine preventative medication he started.  He has been spitting non-stop for an additional hour.  His head jerks when he spits.  With Cade it’s hard to tell if the jerking movements are voluntary or not.

Cade has always been very sensitive to medication.  He usually has a negative side effect when given medication.  In fact the biggest challenges we have faced with my son have been related to medication.  Negative reactions to medication have led him to be hospitalized in the psychiatric unit twice.  They made him extremely violent.  In fact the anti-psychotic medications he was prescribed made him psychotic.  His doctors at the time tried to convince me that medication was not the problem.  They wanted me to believe that it was his hormones kicking in and with autism that’s just the way it is.  I refused to believe it.  His violent behavior started the same time as the medication started.  After his second visit to the hospital I let the doctors know that I didn’t care what they said about the anti-psychotic drugs not being the problem.  I could see in my son’s eyes that he was still there.  I asked them to get the medication out of his system and they will never see me again.  Since then there has been no trouble with violence.  That was over two years ago.

The dilemma when watching my son go through a rough episode like he is having this early morning is wondering if I should attempt to seek emergency medical help.  Cade’s reaction to pain is much different than a typical child.  For that reason most medical care providers immediately rule it a behavioral issue.   As parents we must speak up when our child can not.  The open dialogue with your child’s medical professional is needed to find the right solution.

It is 4:04 am and the episode appears to have passed once again.  Keeping my fingers crossed that my buddy will get some rest.  I will contact his neurologist and let her know about these new symptoms he is experiencing since starting the migraine preventative.   I was hoping this medication would bring relief to my son’s chronic migraine problem but it’s time to seek a new solution.