Cade Goes to the Prom


Once upon a time there was a handsome young boy named Cade. He lived with his mother, father and his daring Uncle Brett. Everyone did their very best to keep Cade happy and giggly. Aside from his loving family, Cade also lived with two wicked ailments. Chronic allergies and migraines treated the charming lad badly. One day Cade’s teacher left a note in his Batman backpack. It was an invitation to the school prom. Cade was very excited to receive the big news. Merrily, he envisioned himself dancing the night away to DJ Snake and Lil John shouting “Turn Down for What.” Joy gleamed from his parents’ eyes as they watched their son smile. But lurking in the background were Cade’s two wicked ailments. And they would stop at nothing to keep him from having a good time. Allergies and migraines have ruined many of Cade’s big days.

As time went on, the week of prom soon arrived. Still counting down the days, Cade boarded a carriage with his parents and off they went. Cade’s mom had pressing matters to tend to in a land far, far away. To assist in the journey, Cade and his father transported her to the airport. The company for which Cade’s mom worked would be presenting at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Saying farewell, she left for her departing gate. The next several days will be just the boys.

In grand celebratory style, Cade and his father had dinner at one of his favorite eateries. While dining the two conversed on how much they will miss Cade’s mother the coming week. Licking his fingers, Cade summoned the lovely young maiden for more chicken wings. Her bosoms lightly brushed against his shoulder. Reaching over, she added to the feast already on the table. Enthusiastically, the two men lifted their glasses. “Cheers!” They shouted. Good times were had by all as they laughed, told stories and smacked their chicken bones clean. Adorned in their owl tank tops, the ladies provided exceptional service that day.

With their bellies full, Cade and his father traveled east. The local movie theater promised two hours of non-stop action and explosions. Oddly enough, the pulse pounding adrenaline aided with the digestion of their chicken wings. As the final credits rolled, Cade and his father exited the theater and re-entered their carriage. Tired from a long, busy day they both prepared for a good night’s rest.

It was 11:30 the next morning when Cade finally woke up. Of course there was no point in attending school at such a late hour so Cade would just stay home.

“Whatever will I wear?” Cade wondered.

There were only two days remaining until the prom. And although he had seen photographs of such elaborate events he had never attended one.

“We must visit the Tuxedo Lady.” Cade’s father gestured. “For only she can deliver the dapperness.”

And so Cade and his father journeyed to the mystical Tuxedo Lady’s shop. It was during a previous visit that she collected his precise measurements. Glancing him over, she cast an enchanted spell.

“A one and a two and a wikkity wokkity woo…” The Tuxedo Lady’s magic transformed Cade into a debonair young man. Looking down at his feet, he wiggled his toes. “Oh my,” declared the Tuxedo Lady. “We’ve got to do something about that…Hmmm…” She deliberated. “Wait! I’ve got just the right thing… A three and a four, now you’re smooth down to the floor.” A pair of shiny new patent leather shoes finished it all off.

Looking in the mirror, Cade became overjoyed.  “Bad ass!”  He exclaimed edging his fingers across his lapel.

The following daybreak Cade rose from his royal twin bed. Hanging from his bedpost was his beloved custom tuxedo. Breakfast had been prepared and awaited the eager youngster in the kitchen.

“Tomorrow is the big day.” Cade’s father declared.

Without a word, Cade’s smile said it all. It was certainly shaping up to be a fantastic day. Fantastic in every way but one, that is. Or should I say two? Cade’s wicked ailments threatened to emerge from the darkness. First up was his evil allergies. Dreadfully, they began their torment. In hopes of keeping Cade’s nasty migraines at bay, his father worked quickly. He must defeat them before it’s too late. Back and forth they clashed. It was an epic battle of good vs evil as Dad took on the bitter adversaries. In a fiery rage, Cade’s migraine exploded. Exhausted and beat down, Cade’s father persisted. For he would risk everything to ensure his son’s happiness. And although they put up a tenacious fight, the vicious ailments were soon defeated. The remainder of the day was back to the usual Cade; happy and giggly.

“Today is the big day!” Excitedly, Cade’s father shouted. It was as if he had scratched off the winning lottery ticket. The morning passed with no sign of Cade’s wicked ailments. Perhaps there was a silver lining to yesterday’s dark cloud. If there was to be a debilitating headache, it was better to have it yesterday than to have it today. With his hair slicked back, Cade was suited up from head to toe.

“There’s something missing.” His father proclaimed. Opening the box held tightly in his hand, he took out a yellow rose. Carefully, he pinned the flower to the lapel of Cade’s coat. Then, taking a step back he nodded and affirmed. “Bad ass, my son! Now off you go to the prom.”

Later that day Cade’s father received a message from the ruler of his son’s school. Principal Howe was a noble leader indeed. In her memo, it was noted that Cade was the life of the party. He and his class mates danced the entire afternoon. The students enjoyed a delicious meal and shared hours of precious laughter. Eagerly awaiting his son’s return, Cade’s father paced their uphill driveway. Moments later and just a couple blocks away, the stage coach finally came into view. Cade’s father waited patiently for the driver to come to a complete stop. Then the screeching doors expanded and there he was, the fresh prince of Belmont. With an enormous grin, Cade stepped down from the vehicle. And yes, he was still wearing both shoes. That shit only happens in fairy tales.

Kelly Jude Melerine